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Along with applications of Augmented reality in multiple domains, Ar is marking its remarkable presence in interior designs. With immersive technologies, the constraints of visualizing your home/office are now more convenient. It's often challenging to visualize the color of walls, the locations of the sofa, and other furniture. But Augmented reality in interior design is a remarkable solution to the constraints faced by clients and designers in visualizing the whole project. With the immersive technologies such as Augmented reality in interior design and architecture, customized solutions of projects can be created. These solutions are the latest replacement of the obsolete interior designing methods. Get more convenient and lively Interior design and architecture with us at Daphnis Labs in Delhi.

Companies who have built their
Architecture AR apps

Morpholio AR Sketchwalk icon

AR Sketchwalk is a augmented reality tool that allows designers to use augmented reality to dive into their sketches to give both their clients and themselves a truer sense of the space.

DAQRI smart helmet icon

The DAQRI Smart Helmet is a helmet capable of visualizing projects and 3D models in augmented reality as an immersive and large-scale 3D environment.

Fologram icon

Fologram transforms 3D models into full-size construction instructions through augmented reality glasses, such as the Hololens.

Waking App icon

WakingApp, an augmented virtual reality software company, has recently released add-ons that enable Autodesk Revit and Fusion 360 users to turn their 3D designs.

ARki icon

ARki is a real-time augmented reality visualization service for architectural models. It incorporates RA technology into the architecture by providing 3D models with multiple levels of interactivity.

Augment icon

Augment is an application that allows users to view 3D models in real time and on the right scale, transforming a plan into a 3D model hologram, or simulating life-size products.

Visualise the project in Ar and deliver more lively interior designs with us at Daphnis Labs.

Interactive idea presentation

We make it easier for designers to present their innovative ideas with the help of AR. It gives the client the ability to visualize the project and transform it accordingly. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi help interior designers to visualize and present the idea more easily and effectively.

Higher ROI

With the use of Augmented Reality in Interior design and architecture, the ease of visualizing the projects before deployment has become easier. This in turn increases the customer’s purchases and helps our clients with better returns.

Better collaboration

We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi help our clients to collaborate in a better way with their customers and designing team. With improved interaction and understanding, Project could be visualized and deployed in a more efficient and better way than before.

Less competition

With the team of skilled AR developers, we aim our clients to secure the leading positions in designing and architecture. They can gain a competitive edge in the market by attracting new customers. Also, using AR in interior design and architecture could help them to improve their customer retention

True Visuals

Ar in interior designs and architecture has become an industry-standard tool. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi aim at visualizing the project for those who are confused about their needs and choices. This helps designers to project the designed view as real visuals.

Better Management

Implementing Augmented reality in interior designs and architecture with us at Daphnis Labs in Delhi can help you reduce the cost of the project and the risk associated with it. Confirming the designs with the customer before deployment can result in better management at the time of implementation and development.


We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi provide the ability to portray interior designs in a more effective way with augmented reality. Also, we offer consulting services to ease the designing and deployment of projects in Augmented reality.

Better Guidance

Using Augmented reality in interior design and architecture with us at Daphnis Labs in Delhi let users guide and collaborate with the designer in a much better way. Buyers can experiment and define the look and design of the project before they commit changes in real designs

Augmented reality has expanded its applications more in day-to-day life. With so many applications, Augmented reality can now be used in interior designs and architecture. With AR in interior designs and architecture, design elements could be experimented and defined in a much better and customized way. AR in interior designs and architecture has proved a major breakthrough in India, with its incredible potential in multiple domains. AR can help interior designers and architects to appeal to a bigger customer base. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi impart the ability to designers to showcase their skills in a much efficient and effective way. Ar in interior designs and architecture are making the projects more practical, accurate, and more easy-to-do along with complete client’s satisfaction. We aim at providing better collaborations between client and designer by implementing AR in interior design and architecture.

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