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Daphnis Labs in Delhi have an experienced team with the features and dynamism of the NodeJS framework to create high-performance, flexible, and versatile applications. This framework offers component making development faster, simpler, and more usable. We have a professional and committed NodeJS and software development team in India and industry veterans who work together to create the best NodeJS apps and solutions. We have expertise in creating business-specific NodeJs solutions that are SEO-friendly, responsive, and have high-performance. We aim to help our clients successfully deploy hundreds of innovative solutions in the most unique way.

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In a recent article on how was PayPal developed, we explained how PayPal went from an online payment service predominantly built on Java to a payment platform powered by NodeJS.

Netflix icon

Netflix is the world’s largest provider of video streaming including movies and series, available in over 190 countries. As of April 2016, Netflix reported over 81 million subscribers worldwide.

linkedin icon

LinkedIn is a social network that mainly focuses on professional networking and career development. LinkedIn has over 675 million members in 200 countries and regions worldwide.

uber icon

Uber is a transportation network company best known for their ride-hailing taxi app. Implementing a different business model, the company changed transportation forever.

ebay icon

eBay is an American online shopping website, best known for its auctions, consumer to consumer, and business to consumer sales.

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Yahoo is an American web service including services such as search engine, mail, news, and finance. The company uses Node.js as to defelop their content sites and single-page applications.

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Easy to learn

Node.js is an easy to learn skill and coding in Node.js is comparatively easy to grasp, and once you have mastered JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming basics it’s enough to start.

Keeping things simple

As people step into Node.js, clients can enjoy sharing and using one language on both servers easily and it is not essential to switch between back-end and front-end.

Time management

The technology is lightweight and can effectively reduce the application development time while attaining the same functionality. With Node, you can get from idea to product quite quickly. Secondly, simple deployments help you to get instant feedback from the environment of production.


Scalability is inserted into the core of Node.js. It is one of Node’s standard benefits for startups who are planning to grow along with time. The startups which are App-based pick it to develop lightweight and faster systems with great real-time response that can be leveled up later, as well as to easily add more modules to the last ones.

Hire the best NodeJs developers at Daphnis Labs in Delhi who use the best available architecture to deliver interactive and effective user interfaces. We aimed at creating optimized and industry-specific NodeJs applications and are always inclined towards high-performance delivery. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi ensure the best performance, innovative, and scalable NodeJS application to our clients. To make our commitments possible, our NodeJS developers apply the most advanced tools and techniques as well as developing methods to offer dedicated and cost-efficient services.

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