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Our dedicated team of researchers, technology experts, and developers employ strong knowledge and enormous experience in developing industry scale wearable application solutions. Hire us to develop portable applications with role-based security permissions using the best platform at Daphnis in India. We have a pool of highly qualified and highly talented application developers who can build and deploy scalable decentralized applications that will ensure to fulfil our client needs and enhance their user experience.

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Stocard app icon

Is your card or wallet pushing out because of too many cards in your pocket? With Stocard app, there is an all-in-one way out that let you keep your membership and loyalty cards secure.

Infinity loop app icon

Playing games in your wrist watch may seem not really practical considering the screen space. However, Infinity Loop ® is an interesting choice of android wear app in games category.

Spotify icon

Even when you can’t enjoy the complete functionality just like your handset, the globally renowned streaming music app Spotify is now available on Android Wear.

Lifesum app icon

Lifesum is a good app choice for health-conscious people to easily tracks the food and water intake and attain the right balance.

Telegram icon

Telegram, the fastest and most popular instant messaging app with over millions of users across globe is now available for Android Wear.

Shazam app icon

Shazam app helps you discover the song in just a few seconds and the info will be synchronized on your account across devices for later reference.

Build the Easy to handle and care application that will ensure to be your side always.

Accessible different platforms

It can be easily used with various platforms and allows the user to experience the best experience as it can be moved wherever you go. It can be used according to the user's needs just like in watches or specs. The application can communicate and record your daily activities to keep an update.

Transparency and communication

It is used for communication and can also keep a track of your BP, sugar or steps you take every day. This can help you send SMS and contact just like a cellphone inside a watch. This will keep you up to date even if you are driving or in a conference where it is difficult to check cell phones.


It is a budget-friendly option as it allows you to use one device at the place of others. You don't need a sugar check, BP or step counting device when you have a wearable device with such an application. It is easy to carry hence becomes the first choice for customers.

Robust support system

Such an application has a perfect support system and can be easily updated and upgraded. Clients can easily transform such apps according to their needs. Support system enhances user interface and experience as they reduce the processing time and make the application run faster.

At Daphnis Labs in Delhi, we offer the best wearable application solutions across multiple domains of industries for multiple services. We have a dedicated and professional application development team in India with experience in building such apps that can provide better customer engagement 24*7. Our wearable apps development team in India uses the best app development frameworks for building customized applications. We always aim at developing the best application solutions aimed at improving customer retention and customer-facing interactions.

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