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We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi developed the way we made apps by joining the gap between imagination and reality and making applications with the best CRM app developers in India. We make the current challenges in these apps solved with the help of the professional team and we are dedicated to bringing change in the world with technology. We aim to provide the best skill enhancement in app development to the clients who want to make CRM a tool to achieve their dreams.

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Known innovators, Salesforce is at the frontline of the SaaS industry. (With over 100,000 companies using it, it must be doing something right.) But perhaps the unique aspect of Salesforce’s CRM is its Trailblazer Community.

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Put in simple terms, Keap is one of the best CRM apps on the market for e-commerce and marketing. Keap is all about keeping your marketing processes running smoothly. As well as managing your contacts and customer database in one handy place.

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Next up is HubSpot CRM – one of the few CRM apps that have completely free plans available. HubSpot CRM allows you to add an impressive 1,000,000 contacts, can be accessed by an unlimited number of users, and has a fantastic range of services. Not bad.

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Zoho CRM is just one part of Zoho’s full suite of office software. If a company is looking for a CRM that also links to marketing, invoicing, and even Human Resource solutions, Zoho is a great choice.

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Pipedrive has just introduced Leadbooster. Leadbooster is a lead generation tool with, if we may say so, a rather cute, customizable chatbot. Add this to your website with built-in questions of your choice to, as you may have guessed, boost your leads.

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So, once your lead becomes a contact, Freshsales will automatically fill in any publicly available info from the web into a special account record. Very handy.

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Customer Expectations

Mobile CRM app features fit into customer’s lives because it gives employees the versatility and accessibility that allow customers to feel connectivity and enhances their experience. A business stays where its customers are, which means embracing social media, chat apps, and mobile-friendly e-commerce platforms. A CRM application makes it easy for your company to observe communication through channels from social media and instantly respond to complaints and issues as soon as they arise.

Faster Services

These apps have made customer services faster and they can contact any firm whenever in need. It makes the customer response more spontaneous. Moreover, mobile CRM applications have made data more accessible to their employees. Order forms, receipts, quotes, agreements and much more can be handled directly inside a mobile CRM application. Data can be updated instantly and accessible to all who are authorized.

Customer support

Mobile CRM applications collect customer feedback on social media and turn them into to-do tasks for your customer service department. Any business that does not enhance its social media and loses its customers feedback as well as an opportunity for complaint resolving. If there is instant contact, it helps to build brand trust within customers and turns them into permanent customers.

Connected Workforce

Employees who travel and those who work from remote places can be more productive with a mobile CRM application. With up-to-date data at their fingertips, your sales representatives are better equipped and they can respond to customers' questions more quickly and accurately, which is what customers expect in today's connected environment. Your employees need not be in the same building or even the same country to work together. In the organization, everyone gets access to the same data, regardless of the platform they are using.

We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi understand that CRM mobile applications in India is still a challenge and so we offer you with the best app developers in India who can develop these mobile apps which can take your company to greater heights. Our team of professionals possesses a technical skill-set along with a deep understanding of existing technologies that can be used to create CRM app development. We aim to bring the best app developer for our clients to make them a customer supported company and enhance their popularity as a major brand.

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