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Our Team of casual game developers understand the value of casual games for all age groups, thus we are always ready to turn your imagination into reality with creativity and innovation. We craft games with high spirit, hard work, and talent providing them unparalleled experience. Daphnis Labs in Delhi has the best casual game developers in India and thus delivers the best casual games in the dynamic world of entertainment and fun. Not just developing and delivering the best casual games, we also focus on helping our clients in launching and maintaining the games. Our team of casual game developers in India has capability in developing causal games with the ability to support multiple platforms and features.

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The most addictive casual game to come along in a long, long time, Angry Birds puts players in the role of teed-off birds trying to recover stolen eggs from a gang of evil pigs.

Casual game development company

Pac-Man. You know it, you love it. You guide a yellow thingy through a maze, devouring dots while evading ghosts.

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Lane Splitter may involve cars, speed bikes, and the open road, but it isn't your typical racing game--it's a game of avoidance, much like Paperboy.

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The original PaperBoy was a quirky arcade title. It starred a boy on a bicycle, but it wasn’t in any way, shape, or form a racing game.

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Popcap’s smash game has graced nearly every platform that has emerged in its 10 year existence—not bad for title that began life as a browser-based game.

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Tetris, Russian block-puzzler has appeared on nearly every game console in existence thanks to simple controls and addictive gameplay.

Creating user friendly and engaging casual games with the best game developers in India.

Casual game development company

Easy to Play

We have expertise in developing simple Tap to Play games for all your users. We create Puzzle Games, Sim Game, Word Games, Strategy Games, and many more which are highly engaging and interactive. Usually, the casual games developed by us at Daphnis Labs in Delhi are backed with exhaustive sound and graphics. People of all age groups can easily play them as these consist of very simple goals.

Simple platforms

Our team of casual game developers makes sure to keep all the games simple so that these can be played by any age group. We use the most popular and suitable game platforms for developing these casual games. We make sure to make the gaming experience most satisfying for all our users. Also, simplicity in gameplay is maintained by keeping the activities to the minimum.

Casual game development service
Casual game development company


Casual games are highly lightweight and users feel a sense of accomplishment while playing the game. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi aim at making these games lightweight so that they take up less space and memory on your phone. Also, we assure you that the casual games developed by us will have a seamless experience with no lagging.

Various types

We at Daphnis labs in Delhi believe that each and every casual game has a specific target audience and we aim at involving audiences from each and every age group. We develop casual games with a zeal of keeping the audience engaged and interested throughout the game. We develop games in multiple genres such as jungle games, trivia games. Strategy games, arcade, poker, puzzle, and many more.

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Casual games can be played on a computer desktop, laptop, or mobile and keeps the user engaged. Our target is to encourage the involvement of the audience from each age group during the course of play. With a team of dedicated and skilled casual game developers, we are growing with fast steps in the growing industry of casual games. For this, our team of casual game developers in India thrive to build unmatched casual gaming experience for those who love spending their leisure time in casual games. We are always keen to develop new games in the casual game industry with high spirit and hard work. Casual games developed by us in multiple genres are optimized to swiftly grow your gaming experience. Daphnis Labs in India aims at conquering the casual gaming world with a professional and talented team of casual game developers.

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