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Computer vision focuses on replicating parts of the human vision system and identifying and processing objects the same way humans do. These applications use a tremendous amount of data and high-level algorithms to process objects and perceive them as humans. With the growth in need of computer vision applications, tracking video events, recognizing faces and gestures, tag images, detecting damages, or running a smart spatial analysis with video sensors, the need for computer vision developers also grew. Get the best computer vision developers at Daphnis Labs in Delhi who aim at delivering the next generation algorithms and computer vision applications at the most affordable cost. We help our clients reduce the spendings, simplify the working process, and complete the same task in a much easier way with the computer vision applications developed by us.

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app using Android

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This fantastic app allows capturing images with a smartphone camera and then performing an image-based search on the web.

Computer vision development service india

Accessibility is one of the most exciting areas in image recognition applications.

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Taptapsee the mobile camera app was designed to address the needs of blind and visually impaired users.

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Cam Find allowing users to literally Search the Physical World™, this app offers a mobile visual search engine.

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ScreenShop is an app for fashion lovers who want to know where to get items they see on photos of bloggers, fashion models, and celebrities.

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LeafSnap include amazing high-resolution images of leaves, flowers, and fruits for you to enjoy.

Innovating human vision and perception with customized computer vision solutions.

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High accuracy

We know dealing with human vision and perception always involves error. In the case of complex processes that need precision, human vision can't be believed. In such cases, errors can be dealt with and avoided with the use of computer vision. We devise data-driven models for drone movement and structural fault analysis. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi excel in developing error-free and robust Computer vision applications with a team of professional computer vision developers in India.

Optimized model

We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi combine the best of AI algorithms with most appropriate hardware to provide unmatched Computer vision-enabled applications for our clients. We also focus on optimizing the model designs with best in-time frameworks like OpenCV, GPU module, Tensor flow, etc to configure the system as per client's business requirement. We focus on creating next-generation Computer vision systems for businesses such as banks, factories, hospitals, etc.

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Diverse applications

Our team of computer vision experts develops various applications with rich data sets and best available algorithms. We always thrive to deliver the best results and to transform clients’ businesses and industries into high-tech automated companies. We develop diverse computer vision-enabled applications like Industrial Machine Vision, Intelligent Character Recognition, Image Recognition, Video Tracking, Video Recognition, Geospatial Services and many more.


We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi assure the best possible cost of computer vision-enabled applications on the basis of complexity of the task, the amount of data to be analyzed or the digital equipment required. Getting your project developed by the best developers of India at Daphnis Labs could bring good results in the shortest terms. We help our clients to beat the competitors with the best computer vision enabled application.

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We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi develop robust and scalable computer vision applications. We are backed by many years of experience and the most skilled team of computer vision developers in India. To build the best Computer vision-enabled applications, we undergo deep research and use unique technology. Our computer vision developer team provides customized applications that help you ease your business process. We build computer vision software around object detection, image retrieval, and video analysis solutions. Our computer vision software can perform multiple tasks, including movement recognition, image, and video analysis, face analysis, real-time gesture and, machine vision and image classification and retrieval.

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