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Our best and experienced MEAN Stack developers in India assure you the best quality possible, in both service and application. We are empowering the application efficiency with these javascript-based technologies (MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, Node.js) to build dynamic and feature-rich web applications. Mean stack is highly favorable full stack javascript development that can be used in the back end as well as front end. The robust structure of MEAN STACK delivers a well-ordered mechanism for the transformation of data which helps our developers to focus on building solutions on such a popular and versatile development platform. Our MEAN stack developers team in India develops high quality, secure, scalable, and feature-packed MEAN Stack solutions. We leverage the power of full-stack development with MEAN STACK to quickly craft robust and effective solutions for large enterprises and startups.

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Mean stack development services in india

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service found in 2002 in Mountain View, California. You can invite anyone to be your connection.

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Yahoo is an American multinational technology company, focusing and globally recognized for its web portal, search engine, and related services.

Mean stack development company in india

Netflix is the world’s biggest global provider of video streaming including movies and television series, available in over 190 countries.

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Uber is an American multinational online transportation network company offering its services in over 60 countries and 404 cities worldwide (2016).

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Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, goods and services in special prices.

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GoDaddy is a publicly-traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As of January 2016, with more than 13 million customers and 61 million domains.

We assure the best quality full stack services with our trusted and efficient MEAN stack developers.

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MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database that provides flexible and scalable components to hold application data. It allows quick and scalable changes to be performed, thus making the system highly dynamic. MongoDB stores data in a JSON-like format and thus provides easier access and retrieval of objects. Our Mean Stack developers in India leverage the features of MongoDB to build feature-rich applications.


Express JS is a server-side framework based on the javascript framework. It helps developers to create web applications easily and with unmatched performance. It provides simple interfaces for creating request endpoints, handling cookies, forming the response, and handling routes. Our team at Daphnis Labs in India has experience of delivering dynamic websites backed with MEAN stack and loaded with excellent features.

Mean stack development company in india
Best mean stack development service company

Angular js

Angular.js is a client-side javascript framework and is used in frontend development. It allows the client to seamlessly send and receive data objects which are then stored as a JSON object in MongoDB. Angular js proved developers high efficiency and potential to develop high-end web applications with robust structure and connectivity.

Node js

Node.Js is an open-source javascript framework that allows dynamic cross-platform applications to be built using javascript modules and libraries. The feature-rich javascript libraries and modules allow us to create RestFul API servers contributing to the dynamic and quick nature of full-stack applications. With a dedicated Node.js expert team at Daphnis Labs in Delhi, we create a robust backend completed with load and regression testing.

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Get full stack Mean Development services in India with the best developers at Daphnis Labs. Our developers specialize in full-stack development and are well proficient with the technical aspect of MEAN which results in transforming your application into a more productive, efficient, and groundbreaking business tool. MEAN Stack modules and features help in building flexible and simple modular application development. We create applications with a lucrative front end and robust backend that efficiently showcase your business worldwide. Hire the trusted and best developers at Daphnis Labs in India to build a client-centric flexible full-stack application and innovate your business growth. We are targeting towards providing reliable, responsive, and scalable web apps.

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